Hearing aids

Hearing aids

Small computers which are able to compensate for different types of hearing loss.

At Microaudio, you can find the perfect hearing aid for you. A small computer which can be adapted to your needs, your type of hearing loss, your environment and habits, as well as your ear shape. You can also choose from a wide range of colours and shapes from our exclusive range of products designed specifically for your hearing.


Improve your hearing with our wireless products and other accessories

Protective earplugs

Protect your ears from water and noise with filters specially designed to suit your needs.

Hearing health

Discover the opinions, advice and recommendations of our hearing health specialists. Information that may be useful to you and those you care about.

At Multiópticas you will find all the products that you need to help with your hearing problems. In our audiology catalogue we have hearing aids, hearing protectors, amplifiers, accessories and advice for looking after your hearing. Our team of professionals will help to make your hearing perfect. In our hearing aid section you’ll find an extensive catalogue of products that can compensate for all types of hearing loss. Thanks to our exclusive Microaudio brand, you’ll be able to find the perfect hearing aid for you. Each one of them can be adapted to your individual needs: type of hearing loss, environment, habits and facial features. And you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of colours and shapes.

Within our range of hearing protectors, you will find reusable rubber or silicone earplugs that can be adapted to fit anyone’s ear canal. There are also earplugs and bands for swimming, made-to-measure earplugs and disposable earplugs. In our catalogue, we also have amplifiers from our Microaudio range. These are electronic systems with hearing aid components that have predefined settings that cannot be modified, and are adapted to each person.

Come and discover all of our audiology products and choose the one which best suits your needs.