children’s vision

children’s vision_

If you notice that your child behaves strangely when trying to make out something in the distance or close up, it’s possible that they may have a problem with their visual acuity. It is essential that both parents and teachers are on the look out for these signs. During the learning phase, and particularly when children are beginning to learn how to read and write, their progress can be severely impeded by problems with their vision.

Some of these behaviours may indicate that your child is struggling to see properly:

  • They read text very closely. When a child is struggling to see up close, they will usually move much closer to the book or text so that they can make out the writing and read it properly.
  • Holding their head in unusual positions. The child may unconsciously adopt odd postures as they struggle to focus on images.
  • Difficulty distinguishing colours. If you notice that your child is painting or colouring using an unusual choice of colours, it’s possible that they could be suffering from some form of colour blindness.
  • Struggling to pay attention. Visual difficulties can cause the child to lose interest in reading, games and explanations because they get tired.
  • Staring closely at the computer screen. This may be due to problems with their mid-range or near vision.
  • Adopting an unhealthy posture when writing These bad postural habits can indicate a problem with visual acuity and children will adopt such bad posture habitually and unconsciously when they are trying to focus and see better.