1. Who is responsible for processing your information?

The responsible party for processing the information regarding the various processes related to the management of customers, suppliers and users is MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L., located on Avda. de los Reyes, s/n P.I. La Mina, 28770 Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), tax code F28465193.

For the purposes of our Data Protection Policy, the contact telephone number is (+34) 918 357 302 and thecontact e-mail address is

2. Who is responsible for processing your information?

The categories of personal information that MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. processes related to its customers and suppliers are:

  • Identification information.
  • Postal and e-mail addresses.
  • Commercial information.
  • Economic and transaction information.
  • Online customer prescription information.

All of the information mentioned above has been obtained either directly from You through the presentation of a commercial offer, contract proposal, etc. or through your business when you supplied us with identification information and any other information necessary for fulfilling the objectives of the contractual relationship between the parties. It is your responsibility, or the responsibility of your business to provide us with updated information, should any amendment be necessary.

3. What is our purpose for processing your information?

At MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. we process the information that is provided to us by interested parties for the purposes of managing various activities resulting from specific procedures performed in connection with sales, aftersales, supplier management, quality of services, etc. As such, we may use your information to perform some of the following activities:

  • Sending information that is requested of us through the contact form on our website or through any other means of contact with our company.
  • Promoting product and services offers to customers and potential customers that may be of interest to them.
  • Performing administrative, tax and accounting management for our customers and/or suppliers.
  • Performing customer satisfaction surveys, market research, etc. so we are able to inform you of the most relevant offers and provide you with the best level of service, etc.
  • Managing customer service lines.
  • Managing product returns for customers.
  • Managing the processing of data protection rights.
  • The management of electronic commerce.

We will not develop commercial profiles on the basis of information provided and consequently neither will we make automatic decisions about you on the basis of a commercial profile.

4. How long do we keep your information for?

The personal information related to physical persons with regard to potential customers, customers and suppliers that is gathered by MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. via the various contact forms and/or information gathering will be kept until the interested party requests its deletion. The information provided by our customers and suppliers will be kept so long as the commercial relationship continues between the parties, always in compliance with the established minimum legal periods for storing said information.

In any event, MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. may keep your personal information for a period of time deemed reasonably necessary, taking into account our need to respond to queries that may be asked of us or to resolve problems, carry out improvements, implement our services or fulfil requirements as demanded by the applicable legislation. This means that we may keep your personal information for a reasonable period of time, including after you have stopped using our products or are no longer using our website. After this period, your personal information will be deleted from all MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. systems.

5. What is the lawful basis for processing your personal information?

We will summarise below the lawful basis for processing your information, according to each type of data processing.



Accounting Management: management of invoicing for customers and/or suppliers

Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between parties

Tax management: application of deductions, rebates etc.

Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between parties; fulfilment of legal obligations

Administration management: management of logistics, warehouse, customer delivery, receipt of goods, etc.

Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between parties

Marketing: Commercial activities related to our products and services directed towards our customers or towards individuals who have requested related information from us in the past, including carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party (potential customers), but it should be made clear that the withdrawal of this consent will under no circumstance determine the execution of the existing contract between the parties. Legitimate interest of the company in the promotion and commercialisation of products and services similar to those received, and requested by the interested parties in the past.

Management of partners, shareholders and contributors

Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between parties

Management of complaints (customer service)

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Customer contracts with individuals (in person, online, by phone)

Maintenance, development and control of the contractual relationship between parties

Contact information for individuals who supply services as legal entities

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Operations for digital campaigns with potential customers

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Operations for campaigns with potential customers using physical media

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Customer contract operations with legal entities (in person, online, on the phone)

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Processing of product returns for customers

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Data protection rights

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

E-commerce management

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

Processing of debt request operations by third parties on suppliers

Legal obligation

Management of operations with contacts and website users

Free and unequivocal consent from the interested party

You will be required to provide us with personal information, as admissible by law. In the event that you do not provide us with said personal information, we will be unable to execute your contract or comply with legal obligations or obligations form public authorities.

6. Who will have access to your information?

MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. will never share your personal information with any third-party company that intends to use it for direct marketing, unless you have expressly authorised us to do so.

Please note that we may share your information with Government Agencies or the relevant Authorities, should MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. be legally required to do so by said Authorities or, acting in good faith, should we deem such an action reasonably necessary in order to comply with a legal procedure; to respond to a legal claim or legal action; or to protect the rights of MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L., its customers or the general public.

Please note that your information will not be ceded or communicated to third parties, with MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. being the only party responsible for its processing and safekeeping.

MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. may share your personal information with third-party individuals (e.g. internet service providers that help us to manage our website or perform contracted services, computer support and maintenance companies, logistics, management and tax and accounting consultancy companies, etc.). These third-party individuals must at all times maintain the same levels of security as MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. with regard to your personal information and, whenever necessary, will be bound by legal agreements which will oblige them to keep your personal information secure and private, and to only use said information following the specific instructions of MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L.

7. What are your rights as the affected or interested party?

Every individual has the right to obtain confirmation about whether or not MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. is processing personal information that concerns them.

Specifically, interested parties may request the right to access their personal information, as well as to receive a copy of it in a common and machine-readable format, if it is being processed electronically (right to data portability).

Interested parties may also request the right to rectification of any incorrect information, or, if necessary, its deletion when, among other reasons, that information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was gathered.

Additionally, in certain circumstances, interested parties may request that the processing of their information be restricted or, in certain circumstances or for reasons related to their particular situation, interested parties may exercise their right to object to the processing of their information. MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. will cease processing the information, except in compelling legitimate circumstances, or in the pursuance or defence of potential claims or in the exceptional circumstances established in the applicable regulations.

Please note that you also have the right to withdraw consent given at any point, without this affecting the legality of the processing of your information as per your consent prior to its withdrawal.

It should also be noted that the User can at any point exercise the aforementioned rights by contacting us in writing using the contact information in Section 1, ‘Who is responsible for processing your information’, in the present Data Protection and Privacy policy of MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L., enclosing a copy of their ID card.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, particularly if you are not satisfied that your rights have been respected.

Spanish Data Protection Agency.

C/ Jorge Juan, 6

28001 – Madrid

Tel.: (+34) 901 100 099 / (+34) 912 663 517

8. Protection of website user information.

In compliance with the current Regulation (EU) 2016/679, MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. advises that the personal information of the Users of the website will be processed by MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. for the processing activities indicated on each data collection form on its website. Said data processing will be covered by their own consent. Upon clicking the “SEND” button, the User consents to the processing of their information by MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L.

As such, please note that, except by express consent of the interested party or in cases of legal obligation, MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. will not share your personal information with any third party individual.

The User should also note that they can at any point exercise their rights of access, rectification or deletion of information, in addition to their other rights as recognised by the present document and regulated by EU Regulation 2016/679, by notifying MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L., Avda. de los Reyes, s/n P.I. La Mina 28770 Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), (+34) 918 357 302, e-mail:

Furthermore, in accordance with the Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. commits to not sending any marketing material by e-mail without having received prior express authorisation from the recipient. The User may decline to receive marketing material by ticking the corresponding box.

9. Other information of interest regarding our privacy policy

9.1. Security measures

MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. adopts the security measures that are required of it by the current Spanish and European legislation on data protection, taking into account technological capacity, the cost of application and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the described processing, in addition to the risks of variable probability and severity to its rights and liberties as an individual.

9.2 Processing of information of minors

For MULTIÓPTICAS, S. COOP. it is very important to protect the privacy of minors. As per EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, minors over 14 years of age may give their consent to the contracting of services from an information society, such as signing up on a forum, filling in a contact form, etc. However, it is the responsibility of MULTIÓPTICAS, S. COOP. to ensure that the age that the minor has provided is accurate.

For the purposes of processing information of minors under 14 year of age, said data collection shall only ever be carried out with the express consent of the parents or legal guardians

9.3. Changes to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy

MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. may occasionally make changes or corrections to this section for the Data Protection Policy for Customers, Suppliers and Users. Please review this section regularly to check for any changes that may have been made and how they may affect you.

9.4. Why do I need to accept this Data Protection and Privacy Policy?

This section of the Data Protection and Privacy Policy for Customers, Suppliers and Users gives you all the necessary information you could need in a readily accessible format to enable you to understand the nature of the data that MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L. keeps on its potential customers, customers and/or suppliers, its ultimate purpose, your rights as an affected person as recognised by the Data Protection Regulations, and how you can exercise said rights. Therefore, by knowingly sending your personal information to us using our means of contact and/or by entering into a commercial relationship with our business, we consider that you have recognised and accepted the processing of your personal information as described in the present policy. This personal information will only be used for the purposes for which you have supplied it to us, or in compliance with specific national or regional regulations.

Please take note, however, that your refusal to provide us with the requested information could impede the development of the contractual relationship between the parties, with potential serious consequences for the provision of the various services covered within the commercial contract entered into with the contracting party.

If you have any queries related to this section of the Data Protection Policy for Potential Customers, Customers and Suppliers of MULTIÓPTICAS, S.C.L., please contact us using the address provided in the first section, ‘Who is responsible for processing your information’, and we ill be delighted to help you by answering any questions that you may have.

10. Applicable legislation

These Conditions will at all times be governed by the Spanish and European legislation related to data protection and privacy.