focal types

focal types_
  • Monofocals: correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

    They have one single focal distance and just one prescription to provide completely natural vision.

  • Progressive: also helps to correct presbyopia or eye strain.

    They are divided into sections with different prescriptions. The upper part of the lens is used for distance vision, the lower part is for near vision (around 40 cm) and the middle area is for intermediate vision. Furthermore, from the Beslay range, you can choose from 3 options: Multigold, Multiunique and Multifree Form, according to your needs.

  • MULTIGOLD: Comfortable in all situations.

    They provide optimal vision and are easy to adjust to thanks to the freeform design on the inside surface.

    Ideal for users that are looking for a progressive lens with sharp vision at all distances and a large area for close vision, at a reasonable price.


    • Better control of the main axes of the lens.
    • Vision in high definition.
    • Natural vision for all distances, in all directions.
    • A balanced transition from distance to near vision.
    • Easier to adjust to than other conventionally designed progressive lenses on the market.
  • MULTIUNIQUE: Vision in high resolution.

    Free Form lenses have an integrated dual surface and a personalised design according to the specific prescription of each user. For those who demand the best at a reasonable price and who value both innovation and simplicity.


    • Natural progression from distant to near vision.
    • Easy adjustment to addition changes.
    • Personalised according to lifestyle and prescription.
    • Improved visual clarity and sharpness.
    • Wider field of vision and more relaxed eyesight.
    • Excellent control of visual stability.
  • MULTIFREE FORM: Made to measure for each user.

    Free Form lenses with an integrated dual surface that also take into account individual usage criteria for a precise correction, such as the prescription and facial features of the user and the shape of the frame, providing a wider field of vision. For users who want the best vision with the latest technology.


    • A more precise correction for maximum visual acuity and sharper image perception.
    • Vision that is notably more relaxed.
    • Wider fields of close and intermediate vision, ideal for use with the latest technology, such as mobile phones and tablets.
    • Natural vision that is stable when on the move.
  • Multigold office: Designed specifically for working at intermediate or close distances with a computer or at a desk.
  • Multigold Sport: designed for health-conscious sports enthusiasts with presbyopia.

    The structure of the design takes into account the position of use, providing the user with a clear field of vision, particularly in the distance-vision area, the area that they will most often need to use. Optimisation of the inner surface improves general visual performance by providing clarity for all directions of vision.

  • Multigold Driver: Comfort and confidence on the road.

    Optimised for driving and, together with our special Driver treatment, helps to minimise reflections and glare from oncoming traffic. Also improves clarity and perception in adverse weather conditions.

    Smooth, quick focus adjustment between distances.

  • Beslayt Relax:

    Lenses for dynamic users who require an enhancement to the close and intermediate vision areas that conventional lenses do not offer.


    1. Excellent binocular vision
    2. Can be combined with treatment for reducing harmful blue light: iBeslayt
    3. Absence of vertical prismatic effects
    4. Easy to adjust to
    5. Lateral vision similar to reading glasses